your call is booked

Congratulations on being an action taker. Here is some more information.

What to expect?

There are two objectives of the call:

Firstly, for me to hear about where you are now and where you want to be, what you are struggling with and to brainstorm some solutions on how we can possibly get you there. Once we have done that and I have given you some value on the call, we will see if you would be a good fit for my coaching.

Secondly, to give you as much information about my coaching as possible. I will answer any and all questions you may have in as much detail as possible. That way, if you are a good fit, you like everything you hear and you get a good gut feeling we can get the ball rolling right after the call.

Likewise, if it does not sound 100% perfect to you, there is absolutely zero pressure to join. I encourage you to not say yes to jumping in if there is any inclination that it will not help you get faster, stronger, fitter, technically more efficient, and of a better mindset. My coaching is certainly not for everyone. You should be totally OK with saying no to me, in the same way that I am totally OK in saying no to you.

No matter what, you will get to take something of value away from the call and Ill be able to sleep at night knowing I have helped regardless.

Curious if it will work? Here are some of our results.

With my coaching, I (along with everyone in the Team) believe in focussing on the process and enjoying the training. We get fulfilment from the satisfaction of dialling in and always trying to find areas to improve.

While results are great and very flashy, they are simply a result of the mindset we embody. Focus on the process, maximise your training and life balance to get the best of both worlds. The results are just a bonus! 

I have no preference for the level my Rowers / Indoor Rowers are at. The only thing I care about is their mindset and their attitude. I would rather coach a complete beginner with the most coachable and positive attitude over the best rower in the world with a terrible attitude. That is what everyone in the Team that I coach has in common – regardless of level, experience, age, or location in the World. Its a pretty cool thing to be a part of!

If this is all sounding great to you, then get excited to get on our call –  I certainly am!