If you are on this page, I am going to presume that you’re here because you are tired of remaining stuck with your rowing…


You’re tired of the guesswork, not knowing what you should and should not be doing.  


You might have a rough “plan”… but it is not built around what really works for you.


Training reactively, you are frozen in your current plateau. “I feel a bit tired this morning, I’ll back off”, “I feel a bit better this morning, i’ll push on”


Your day to day training approach means you are leaving so much speed on the table.


There is no way of you actually identifying what really works best for you.


Not only is your programming suffering, but your technique, strength training, and mindset are as well.


If that’s the case, I can help.


And today, you have a unique opportunity. 


Rather than following a “tailored plan” that other  coaches promise you (when in reality, it’s maybe one of ten templates that they copy and paste to everyone 🙄)…


Rather than following one plan from a club that is trying to fit around 30 different people (and not truly fitting to everyone)….


Or worst of all, rather than firing from the hip, following your own day to day “see how I feel” programme…


Rather than all of that,

Get on a plan that actually fits you. A plan that accounts for: 


1) Your specific strengths and weaknesses (no more wasting time working on things that you don’t need to).

2) Your weekly schedule and preferences (you don’t need to sacrifice your time to row faster).

3) What training you actually respond to (to get you accelerating as quickly as possible).

4) A plan that does not cause you to burn out (your training should never impact your personal life).

5) A plan that is sustainable, enjoyable and surrounded by other like minded people.


So, if you were on a plan that is 100% built around you, that provides you with direction, feedback. Guidance not only for your day-to-day training, but for your technique, your mindset, your strength training, your recovery…


If all of this was presented to you by literally the best coaching service in the world 

(I’ll get to why we can prove that in a second)…


If all of this was done alongside Elite Rowing Performance Coaches with decades of experience who specialize in making the most of your very busy and limited training windows… working with beginners all the way to the extremely competitive.


If you had all of this supporting you… What would it do for you!?


You would rest assured knowing that you are Rowing on the Path to the Best Version of Yourself.


You would no longer have to waste your valuable brain space thinking of what you should be doing.


You would no longer have to deal with the stress of wondering whether what you are doing is right or wrong.


You would have a plan that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.


You would be seeing speeds you didn’t think were possible, all without having to give up on what really matters in life. 


I want you to stop and think


If you were seeing and feeling speeds you didn’t think were possible, all while not having to sacrifice more time and more energy to make it happen – how would that make you feel?


How would it make you feel to realize what your true potential is? 

What effect would that have on your day to day mood that you carry into your personal, professional and family life? 

How would it feel to know you will never live with the regret of wondering about the “what-ifs”?

Now, rather than me sit here and talk about how great it all is, why not hear some quantifiable proof from our Athletes:

Jim, 53, Finance

“With a busy lifestyle, I needed a custom approach and Jack provided that. There is no guesswork. If you’re on the fence I think you have stumbled across the right place”


“I needed the personalized approach. My hesitation was the cost but what I have found is its an investment in myself”


“I’ve been rowing for over ten years and recently I wanted to up what I do, and I couldn’t figure it out myself.

Oh, and here are some more of our results:

Jasmin was struggling with training consistency and mindset when it came to racing. After a few months with us she went from being miles off the front to the podium at Head of the Charles.

Rower in sculling boat with headline Athlete Success - 3rd at Head of Charles


Sami’s progress has been insane. While most of the Rowers we work with are “Amateur / Recreational” we do have the odd ones that are at the Elite end of the sport. Sami came in struggling massively trying to combat a bad back injury. We helped her manage that while being able to take an insane 14 seconds off of her 2k in 9 weeks. She also went on to take 34 seconds off of her 5k in 11 weeks.

Athlete in rowing boat with headline Athlete Success - 2k 6:53 to 6:27 in 16 weeks


Frank had been using our free content for over a year. It had been helping but he still wasn’t making the progress he knew he could. He was also wasting his valuable brain space thinking about what sort of training he should be doing, taking away from his own Architecture Business. After 21 days he quickly saw progress going from 7:25 to 7:11.

Athlete in rowing boat with headline Athlete Success and 15.6 seconds off 2k in 21 days

And the best part?


The programme that we build around you could not be easier to follow. Why? Because we are actually fully custom. This means that your training becomes easier, your energy levels get better, and your rowing gets better.


Think about it, you are either:

– On a plan designed for a group.

– On a plan designed by yourself.

– On a plan that is one of a handful of generic templates.

… none of those will truly work best for you.


Imagine a training approach meticulously tailored to your unique needs—where every aspect is considered. This means that your professional, personal, and family commitments are all integrated into the plan. We analyze your experience, strengths, and weaknesses to pinpoint exactly what you need to focus on. Your schedule dictates the timing, allowing us to craft a plan that fits seamlessly into your life. With a strategy so personalized, everything naturally aligned for success.


This is why we are normally expensive. 

This is why we are normally at full capacity.

This is why this offer is so unique.

It’s time to capitalize on this one time offer. I cannot stress this enough, if you wait until after Monday 29th April at mid-night, you will not get this chance again.

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You're Getting:

Before I was at the top of the sport, I was where you are now.


And it took me 10 years to get out of that plateau. 


10 years to get out of the same plateau that you are in right now. 


My programming wasn’t made for me, my mindset was terrible, my technique was a lost cause.


I was struggling on a set up that wasn’t made for me. There was no consideration for what my weaknesses were and what training I was actually responding to. My data was being logged, but nothing was being done with it. My passion and commitment were there, but despite sacrificing time and energy – my frustrating plateau remained the same. 


I started to invest every day of my life into learning through the pain of trial and error. 

All to gain the knowledge that I present to you now. 


I said no to countless job offers, turning down full time salaries and missing out on tens of thousands of potential earnings, all throughout my 20’s. 


What little money I had from my part time coaching job was thrown back into investing into other coaches, physiologists, strength coaches, nutritionists etc. 


And since starting Edge Rowing, I have invested over $50,000 into learning from the leading experts in the sport – all so that I can continue to improve Edge Rowing. Doing this to continue to separate us as the best Rowing Coaching Service in the world.


I pay an expert once, I absorb the knowledge, I pass it onto you at a fraction of the mental, time and financial cost.


You are paying for the shortcut to save yourself life’s most valuable resource – time. 


The shortcut passed not just my decade of learning, but our entire coaching team’s Elite experience. 


And you probably have considered buying or already have: 

A Rowing Machine – £800

A Stroke Coach – £600

Oars – £600

Multiple One Pieces – £100-£500

Home Gym – £500-£10,000

A Boat – £4,000-10,000


All of which are great… but can only ever really improve your rowing by fractions. 


You know what actually makes a difference??




Coaches that specialize in helping Busy Rowers just like you.


Ask yourself the question: How much time, energy, and lost earnings would it take for you to learn what I have learned?


You could do this yourself, go full time, quit your job and in 10 years time know how to do this stuff…


Or… you can just fill out the form and pay the money to gain the knowledge that you will have for the rest of your life.


All of this knowledge and experience is being packaged and offered to you for £995.


Similar price to something you would invest in like oars or a stroke coach, without hesitating because… everyone does it.


But no one invests in coaches…. and that’s a good thing. It means you have an advantage here.


Scott had invested in an erg, a home gym etc…


But it wasn’t making a difference.


Scott was like you, he had been doing the training, but he was at a plateau for 2 years and he wasn’t getting any younger at 42. Scott had excellent commitment, but was losing hope as he hadn’t PB’d in 2 years. He also had a unique work situation where he literally had to train on a ship for 4 weeks at a time. We planned for that, made the adjustments, made some easy changes to his technique and he quickly took 7 seconds off of his 2k in 10 weeks. And another 14 weeks later, he took another 7 seconds off going 6:08. All of this while actually reducing the amount of training he was doing. We just planned it better.

Athlete on rowing machine with headline Athlete Success and 6:22 to 6:08 in 23 weeks


Mel only had a short training window in the morning to get her work done before the chaos of the work day started. She was committing herself to a group programme, and unsurprisingly it wasn’t getting her anywhere. A big thing for Mel was finding out what her training zones should be and working on her performance mindset. She was elated to take 8 seconds off her 2k in 8 weeks at 51 (as someone who has been rowing since her 20’s!). 

Athlete on rowing machine with headline Athlete Success - 8 seconds off 2k in 8 weeks 7:44 to 7:32


Finn was looking to secure a spot in the top boat.. The problem was his ergs were not within consideration. He jumped on board with us (having never thought he’d be the person to hire a coach) and joined the sub 7 club and got into his desired boats! 

Athlete on rowing machine with headline Athlete Success - 8 weeks later 12 seconds of and sub 7' 2k.

Be like Scott, Mel and Finn (and all our other Athlete’s we guarantee results for)


If you have considered investing in random pieces of equipment that make at best fractional improvements… Don’t be the rower hesitating to invest in something that will get you the transformation you desire. Just like how the athletes above did, this will be the best investment you make in your progress. 


Join our programme today.

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You're Getting:

And I get it if this is still a hard call to make. 


Most Rowers reading this probably feel the same way you do now.


The vast majority of rowers ALSO never hit their true potential.


And they don’t hit their potential, because they are afraid to make change, and they are afraid to make new decisions.


Because it’s comfortable to not make changes.


But, comfort = staying where you are right now. 


And where you are right now is not the best version of yourself.


And I get it, 


What if it doesn’t work for me?


What if I don’t like it?


Well that’s where we got you covered…


We continue to separate ourselves as the only coaching service in the world that has a 14 Day 100% full money back guarantees.


If you are not happy with the service, for whatever reason, you say the word and we will transfer your money back.





Plus, it’s even written in our contract we have you sign, so we are literally legally bound to do so.


So you have three options:


1. Take us up on the offer, you try it, and on day 13 you decide it’s not right for you, no worries, you raise your hand and get your money back and you have had some free coaching for two weeks.


2. You take us up on the offer, we work amazingly together – and we continue to crush your plateaus and take your rowing to the next level


3. You hesitate, are afraid to take action, close this window, do nothing to change your situation and you remain exactly where you are.


Option 3) is the only option you can take that guarantees nothing changes.


Be an action taker and grab this zero risk opportunity. 

The offer is quickly starting to disappear.

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You're Getting:

What you’re getting isn’t a programme, mindset training and technical advice, or WhatsApp numbers, Zoom Calls etc.


It’s a transformation. 


It’s a shortcut for you to take that gets you to the best version of yourself.


It is a package that puts you in a position where you can for once, genuinely say that you are doing what you are truly capable of.


You will no longer have to sit back and wonder: how much can I actually improve?


You are getting the incredibly exciting and satisfying feeling of seeing your speed improve. 


That feeling of kicking the legs, seeing the splits drop… and waiting for the pain to kick in… but it never does.


You will get transformed into a Rower that is fully educated on the why behind every part of the sport.


Taking your rowing to this next level and displaying your commitment to a goal, you become a role model for the important people in your life.


And you are getting all of this done for you by Coaches with decades of elite experience.


You are getting back your energy levels, your good mood, and the brain space that was formally taken up by the day to day decisions you were constantly making around your training. 


Sit back, follow the plan that is molded for you (and you only) and let us do everything else for you.


In 90 days time, what do you want to be able to say?


Do you want to be stuck at the same plateau with the same problems and the same dissatisfaction… kicking yourself that you let this opportunity pass?


Or do you want to look back knowing that you are now on the fastest path to your fullest potential, all without having to sacrifice brain space and energy levels?


Imagine, 90 days from now.


And again, all of these people below were previously where you are now.




“My access to coaching became limited… and after 2 years of puttering around the lake myself without seeing any progress I decided it was time to make an investment and get serious.”

Tom, 57, Business Owner

“I kind of hit a plateau… Jack brought me on and I found it’s a whole different type of system.. The programme helped me save my body while allowing me to go onto hit a lifetime PB at 57 years old of 6:25”

Andrew, 30, Engineer

“I was quite stagnant with results both in the water and on the erg… For anyone that’s thinking of joining, for me it has been easily the best value for money for my rowing progression.

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You're Getting:

It’s time to see what you can really do in this sport.


Stop wasting your valuable brain space making day to day decisions on what you should be doing for your training. 


Stop banging your head against the wall when you have another session that has had no improvement (despite your best effort).


Stop sacrificing your time and energy levels on a plan that is getting you nowhere and costing you your personality when you go to spend time with the important people in your life.


Work with Coaches with decades Elite Rowing performance experience who have been to the top of the sport – and gain the knowledge that they have.


See speeds and progress that you didn’t think were possible.


And finally be able to say “Yes” I am Rowing to the best version of myself.


The clock is ticking.


It’s time to take action now.


Make the decision that Future-You will thank you for.

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You're Getting

What Are You Waiting For?


You’ve seen the proof, you’ve heard from those who’ve transformed their rowing and their lives. 


Now it’s your turn. 


Don’t let another day pass wondering what could have been. Take control, make the leap, and trust in a team that’s committed to turning your potential into reality.


Stop spinning your wheels and start smashing your personal bests. 


With us, it’s so much more than just faster times – its better balance, better mindset, the most enjoyment and the most fulfillment… and finally being able to see what you can really do in this sport.


Make the decision today that your future self will thank you for. 


Fill out the payment form, and let’s get started on this journey together. 


The clock’s ticking, it’s time to act, not wonder. 


Let’s do it.

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Your Getting:



“Do I have to start right now?” No, if you take advantage of this opportunity and buy now, you can decide when you start the 3 Month Programme! However, you will not be able to buy once this offer has gone.


“I am not sure if it will fit into my schedule.” Anyone that buys this offer, will have a plan 100% customized to you. However much time you have and however many sessions you are able to commit to, we built your plan entirely around that.


“What if I am also part of a club?” Not an issue, we build your plan entirely around you. For example, if you have crew boats that you like to go in that don’t have planned sessions, that’s no issue, we account for that in the plan! If you have a group of other scullers you like to do pieces with, that’s no issue, we account for that! 


“What happens at the end of the 3 months?” You can either take your knowledge and experience and head your own way, or, we can see what capacity is like and discuss you possibly joining our Full Coaching Programme.


“I am a beginner, is this right for me?” Yes! Your ability does not matter – it’s your passion and willingness to take on new ideas that is key.


“I only do Indoor Rowing, is that ok?” Yes! Our current roster is around 75% Boat Rowers, 25% Indoor Rowers.


“Do you work with Juniors?” Yes, while we specialize with Busy Professionals, our systems work for all Rowers.

“Are there any terms of the 14 Day Money Back Guarantee?” Nope! If for whatever reason, you do not want to continue past day 14, just let us know and you will get all of your money back – no questions asked. It’s in the contract you sign, so we are literally legally obliged to!

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Your Getting: