Step 3: Be your own cheerleader

As often as you can, reward yourself with positive affirmation. Even when you think some sessions have gone wrong, try and look at your bigger picture. Often taking a look back a matter of weeks or months and seeing how far you have come from that can be positively reinforcing.

People can have an idea, but ultimately, no one can know exactly what you are going through as well as you do.

You can have people cheering you on and supporting you. I will do my best to give you encouragement when it is needed most. 

BUT, you have to be your biggest cheerleader and supported. You have to have a big ego and know when to feed it. 

It can be randomly, or it can be in very difficult circumstances – start proactively patting yourself on the back.

Egos can be viewed as a bad thing in sports but at the same time, used effectively, they are what drive those that get the most out of the sport. 


Your Homework:

Once per week:

  • Proactively give yourself positive affirmation in a completely random situation, maybe when motivation is already high, or maybe on one of the most average sessions. Say “good job me, I am training consistently, going after my goals, staying in the right zone etc.”
  • Also, at one point in the week, identify what may be the hardest point in your training week. Be that halfway through an intensity session, or in the middle of a very long endurance session – Positively reaffirm that you are in a hard position but that it is also good thing, you have put yourself into this area by pushing past your comfort zone and into a new realm of gains. 

Contact me and let me know which two situations you are doing this in and let me know what you are positively reaffirming yourself with.

Do this right and you will boost your confidence and learn how to use your ego for good!

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