Step 4: Manage Expectations

Improvement is addicting.

Its a big part of how we get hooked into rowing. Having the screen right in front of our face to tell us how well we have been training.

Despite perfect training, naturally, our bodies are impossible at improving every single day. 

But when we get use to seeing this improvement and get hooked on the dopamine rush of seeing progress – when it inevitably ends up not being there one day, we really struggle.

It can be a massive form of demotivation for our training and send us down the path of thought of “I am bad, I am not training right, I am weak” etc.

We need to actively be aware of this and BE PREPARED for when it doesnt happen. Have the discipline and composure to not be effected by it and keep strong with the belief in what you are doing. Accept you will not see improvement everyday.


Very simple. The next session where you percieve regression in pace, power, effort – actively acknowledge that this is ok, and what is progression is being able to train through these periods with the right mindset and belief.

Get this right and your motivation, discipline and consistency will improve massively.

Step 5 coming soon! Keep it up, we are now passed halfway!