If you have looked through the About pages, we hope you have noticed our passion for the sport of rowing. Through our experiences in the sport we fully believe in the power and positive impact it can have on lives. 

We want to provide open information so that we can maximise the amount of people that can share similar experiences like the ones we have had with rowing. One of the great things about coaching is the moments when you see a click or a spark in someones eye that you can recognise as one that you have had yourself. Helping someone to get to that point is massively rewarding.

Qualifications and Experience:

.Founder and Lead Coach: Jack Burns


  • 10 Years of Rowing Coaching Experience. Taking people from their first strokes to National Vests.
  • CPD & IPHM accredited Personal Trainer
  • Protecting Vulnerable Groups and Disclosure and Barring Service Verified
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children Certified
  • UKAD Clean Sport and Anti-Doping Ambassador
  • BSc in Mathematics
  • LEVEL 4 STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING Coach Certified – StrengthandConditioning.education


  • Online Rowing Coach 2019 – Current
  • 10 Years coaching experience
  • Schools Rowing Coach 2012 – 2019 
  • Hutcheson’s Grammar School: 2016 – 2021
  • Clydesdale ARC 2016 – 2020

Coaching Results:

  • Introduced hundreds of Youths to rowing for the first time
  • Coached Athletes to  International vests
  • Coached Athletes to Henley Royal Regatta appearances and round wins
  • Coached beginners to elites of ages 12-70
  • Worked with School students who otherwise were not interested in the sport, found ways to get them interested and helped them represent their schools at Glasgow Schools Spring Regatta
  • Helped change the image of the sport of rowing in the City of Glasgow by breaking down barriers as part of the West Boathouse Project
  • Helped create a friendly and non-threatening environment at clubs, while also providing the tools for Juniors to be competitive if they wanted to 

Achievements in Rowing:

  • World Rowing Cup III: 13th Overall – Mens Single Scull
  • GB Rowing Trials 2021: 1st Overall
  • Henley Royal Regatta: 1) Diamond Challenge Sculls Qualification and Round Progression. 2) Prince of Wales – Semi Finals
  • Home International Regatta: Scotland Rowing Team – 5 x Gold Medals
  • Scottish Champion 2018 and 2019

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